Upbit Operator Denies it Wants to Buy a Securities Firm

Dunamu, the operator of Upbit, South Korea’s biggest crypto trade, has denied it’s miles poised to buy a securities organisation – and says it’s far instead eyeing non-fungible token (NFT) expansion.

The operator has these days been connected with a takeover pass for an unnamed domestic securities provider. But Sisa Week reported Dunamu has “denied” the “rumor” has any reality and called the claims “unfounded.”With tokenized securities set to be given the regulatory inexperienced light inside the close to destiny, some of South Korean players are hoping to enter the market.

But the company said that it turned into “looking forward to to recognition on strengthening” its NFT-associated “enterprise.”The enterprise closing 12 months created a US-based totally joint task company named Levels – with Hive, the an amusement business enterprise behind the chart-topping K-pop boyband BTS.

Dunamu has also introduced plans to expand its virtual collectibles imparting via Levels-associated enterprise operations.The trade has cornered between 60% and 80% of the domestic crypto marketplace, according to South Korean media retailers. But after meteoric increase in 2021, the marketplace slowdown has hit all domestic exchanges.

While every day buying and selling volumes on Upbit peaked at over $10.5 billion in April 2022, that discern fell down to simply over $400 million in past due December. Trading volumes are now fluctuating across the $1-2 billion range.

As such, the media outlet explained, industry officers are looking forward to Dunamu to announce its annual overall performance for 2022 – with grim readings anticipated.The media outlet mentioned that Dunamu’s profits “plummeted” within the 0.33 area of FY2022, which means that annual earnings could additionally reduce.

While the firm does produce other business avenues, few of these are presently worthwhile – and Sisa Week cited that ninety nine% of the firm’s sales “comes from its buying and selling platform.”

The company was hotly tipped to launch at the New York Stock Exchange in 2021, but talk in this front seems to have cooled since the onset of crypto wintry weather.While the genuine identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymously named creator of Bitcoin remains unknown, his number one purpose of making the flagship cryptocurrency has by no means been a thriller. He created Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer version of electronic coins to take back economic manage from institutions serving as depended on 1/3 parties to technique digital bills.

The intention became crystal clear: create a trustless machine of electronic transactions. The look at of the Bitcoin whitepaper in addition suggests that Bitcoin became designed to attention in basic terms on financial transactions.

In truth, Nakamoto had formerly opposed the addition of different use instances to the main cryptocurrency. In 2011, the pseudonymous author of Bitcoin rejected the idea of integrating a site name machine (DNS) into Bitcoin referred to as BitDNS, pronouncing that combining all proof-of-paintings consensus structures into one dataset could not be scalable.

“The number one aim at the back of the introduction of Bitcoin became to function a medium of fee transfer,” Sebastian Jan Menge, co-founder of FitBurn, stated in a comment. However, this aim has developed oftentimes over the last decade.

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