Not funny at all: Actors come to Sami’s defense as latter laughs off offensive jibes in talk show

Actor Sami Khan changed into currently given a dressing down on a speak display with supposedly “humorous” questions that insinuated he’s had an unsuccessful profession. On a show hosted through Fahad Mustafa, comedian Sheikh Qasim stated, “You are so accurate looking, there’s not anything wrong with you, but by hook or by crook your movies don’t work out. Why?” Khan argued, “No, sir, movies are usually successful and miss. Salakhen and Wrong No. 2 have been successful. It’s a tribulation-and-error factor.”

Qasim answered, “But Wrong No. 2 wasn’t a larger hit than Wrong No. 1.” Khan protested by means of clarifying that the film, in truth, was a hit. Mustafa also agreed with Khan, telling Qasim, “It turned into a hit! Now do you’ve got a dhang ka (decent) query?” Qasim argued, “Okay allow’s see, Khalilur Rehman Qamar made successful and in his next movie, titled Kaaf Kanga, he solid you. That flopped. What would you are saying about that?”A series of comparable, berating questions were asked which Khan skillfully both dodged of laughed off, all at the same time as acting visibly uncomfortable. After a clip of the equal surfaced online, several actors came to his defense. “This changed into so uncomfortable to observe,” commented Ayesha Omar underneath a information post presenting the snippet.“Sami Khan is a splendid actor and one of the maximum respectful, devoted experts. Bravo to him for dealing with this with a lot grace!” she introduced. “Degrading your visitors or all of us else is not funny. If he wasn’t a hit, he wouldn’t be a visitor on [your] show,” pointed out Omar.

Former actor Aisha Uqbah Malik also mentioned that the questions had been “no longer funny at all.” She brought, “Sami Khan is an high-quality actor, a thorough gentleman, an absolute pleasure to paintings with and a extraordinary man or women. These suggests want to analyze wherein to attract the road.”

Armeena Khan chimed in, “So rude and no longer funny in any respect. Sami is an outstanding actor and exceptionally famous in the fraternity. A actual expert, gentleman and considered one of my favourite co-stars. He maintained his composure in spite of all the insults thrown at him.”

Fellow actor Muneeb Butt wrote, “Sami bhai is an incredible artist and an exceptional actor. No one has the right to insult him like this. I strongly condemn this act of Sheikh Qasim, he have to apologise!”

Actor Sadia Khan, too, lashed out, “This guy is talking overall gibberish at the same time as trying to be funny. Sami has his own identification and he’s one of the most reputable and well-known actors. You are not any one to determine whether or not his movies are a flop or not. Is this why you name celebrities for your display? To insult them? Pathetic way to get TRPs, nothing else!”

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