Money Back Guarantee: A Political Satire that Mostly Works

For any satire to be successful, it have to be dedicated to grievance and observations it makes without remorse or sentimentality. In that, “Money Back Guarantee” in reality succeeds. There are masses of guffaws, and no longer for a 2d does it lose sight of its purpose.

While Faisal Qureshi’s writing and route are not best, “Money Back Guarantee” is a wonderful step forward to bringing lower back actual comedy films to Pakistani cinema. It’s, therefore, one film you shouldn’t pass over.

IT IS NOT a replica of Spanish TV display “Money Heist” AT ALL. It’s an entirely Pakistani movie.

“Money Back Guarantee” Brings Back Comedy Films to Pakistani Cinema
The rom-coms which have become a staple of Pakistani cinema regularly scrape the bottom of the barrel in relation to comedy. Thankfully, “Money Back Guarantee” is clever, if not subtle. The satire is on factor, if no longer biting.

Faisal Qureshi’s writing hits upon the problems of Pakistan that everyone is aware about, from spiritual to ethnic, to provincial, to economic. In almost each body, those problems are front and middle. And he’s careful now not to shift the blame on to anybody man or woman.There are also feedback about “interfering guards” and ethnic stereotypes in addition to the inflation and exchange charge. None of it’s going to make you contemplate or assume very hard, however on the other hand, this type of humour has been absent from Pakistani movies for goodbye that it’s refreshing to see it accomplished in any respect.

Also, pretty a few gags made me snicker, and one made me clap with pleasure. A blink-and-you’ll-pass over-it cameo with the aid of Ali Rehman Khan in the beginning may also split your aspects. Also, the film is smooth. Crass, reasonably-priced jokes and cursing is nowhere to be discovered. You can take your own family without annoying approximately any awkwardness.

The Performances are All Over the Top
Everyone from Fawad Khan to Gohar Rasheed to Kiran Malik to Ayesha Omar is over the top in “Money Back Guarantee”. The film leaves little or no room for subtleties, but even then, the pitch is loud. Where the writing succeeds for the maximum component, the theatrical performances don’t all paintings.

Mani and Fawad Khan as well as Gohar Rasheed scouse borrow the show. Even Kiran Malik is pretty convincing, and of direction Hina Dilpazeer is convenient in her performance. Unfortunately, Wasim Akram, Shaniera Akram, and Javed Sheikh contribute VERY LITTLE to the narrative. Wasim Akram is never the menacing presence he’s portrayed to be. He may want to’ve carried out with loads extra speak and individual improvement.When I interviewed Shayan Khan, the producer of “Money Back Guarantee”, and he informed me that it changed into a social satire about third world countries, I became sure the movie would be stopped or as a minimum reduce by means of the censor board. However, there appear like no cuts in any respect.

This sort of filmmaking and experimentation is needed if our industry is to progress. A film like this hasn’t been made within the new wave of Pakistani cinema yet. And I desire that Faisal Qureshi, despite his flaws, keeps to make films and improve his craft. If that is what he can do in his debut, I want to see what he accomplishes when he hones and polishes his talents.

The Negatives: Repetitive Sequences and Restrictive Spaces
While the film hardly ever takes region in a single room, “Money Back Guarantee” does feel restrictive in its sets. Characters often communicate in small rooms and the same sets are repeated a little too regularly. The film should’ve benefitted from a touch more out of doors taking pictures, and perhaps a higher finished chase scene ultimately.

That’s approximately it. The film seems excellent and feels very cinematic. While there’s room for improvement, “Money Back Guarantee” is exactly the type of movie Pakistani cinema wishes, and it desires approximately a dozen of them each 12 months.

“Money Back Guarantee” is a film that could’ve been a success even without an Eid launch. With some first rate advertising and marketing, it could’ve joined the small listing of super commercial successes from the brand new wave which succeeded out of doors the Eid vacations.

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