In Conversation with Sonya Kapoor who speaks about her short film Ek Chup and its message

As the sector of cinema and storytelling is constantly evolving, it’s far paramount that we inform tales that matter. Moving beforehand with that faith and belief is Sonya Kapoor whose short movie Ek Chup, skilfully narrates the story of what is termed as a shadow pandemic. She addresses the which means of a shadow pandemic, the subject of her quick film lurking in the shadows and why people need to be made aware about its life. In an one of a kind verbal exchange with the director, we dig deeper into what made them broach the challenge. Excerpts….
Sonya, what made you broach a subject as sensitive as domestic abuse?

So whilst the lockdown become on, I changed into hearing lots of factors that had been happening around us. It was taking place within the place where we live. I do not want to name the places but, a number of pals and their pals, and whilst this changed into happening, the maximum worrying part become that this became now not an Indian phenomenon. It was taking place all across the world, it become going on. It become a global phenomenon. The UN Women’s employer known as it a shadow pandemic. It changed into a pandemic within a pandemic. So it became very crucial for me and it turned into like, incoming thoughts and I was wanting to write some thing approximately it. So it turned into coming to me, and I simply penned it down and I notion it become very important because as a conversation starter, we want to do something positive about this. Because this isn’t only a nearby abuse, this is not like simply, there and not there. It has been there, but during the covid lockdown, it certainly escalated. And covid isn’t always over, lockdown is over however covid isn’t over. And the difference right here is likewise that it isn’t always a story of decrease monetary strata. Where typically you notice the maids or drivers having this, and you say acha ho raha hai. But it’s now not occurring to them alone. It’s occurring in our own homes. And here humans still don’t want to speak about it because the stigma is so massive, the scandal is so large.Do you suspect we’ve got advanced nowadays in any manner concerning this taboo?

I don’t know, I nevertheless listen the identical stories. I don’t assume humans are, women are doing anything approximately it. Even after the movie got shot, I’ve had interactions with a few people, they may be pals and it’s nevertheless occurring. They’re quiet. They’re quiet, in spite of telling them to do something positive about it.

What made you cast Mona Singh for the position?

She was the plain preference. Mona is this kind of gorgeous actor. And on every occasion I changed into redrafting my script, I ought to simply see Mona handiest. It became like that, and the personality that she brings. She doesn’t overact, she’s very subtle. She lives the individual. We all know the records of the work that she’s accomplished. I’m so glad, and the minute that we presented it to her, she stated yes. It became immediately, and while we met again, there has been just a connection. We have been like yeh karna hai. She’s a thinking actor. It comes throughout that she’s very clever and he or she knows what she’s speaking approximately and ya seriously.Darlings sheds light on the perils of domestic abuse – do you experience there might be comparisons drawn among Ek Chup and the same?

Well, if it’s far compared, I’m very satisfied. Darlings is a characteristic film, and this is a short film. That’s nice. But I simply want to put it accessible that it’s specific due to the fact A, that it’s far home abuse throughout the pandemic. It’s a shadow pandemic. And B, that movie focuses on decrease economic strata, ours is higher income. Which is equally vital. I’m not announcing one is higher than the alternative, that is equally essential. And I suppose what happens is, the better financial strata get left out because everyone thinks it is this La-La Life, they’re nicely to -do, matters are splendid. That’s now not the reality. There is some thing else at the the front, and what’s taking place for your bedrooms is a totally exceptional tale.

As a author, Sonya – how difficult was it on the way to write a story and tell it in a mere 15 minutes, with out compromising on the severity of home abuse

You recognise after I wrote it, it just came together so nicely. And I think the idea isn’t always to preach. The idea is to entertain. But on the same time, if it evokes somebody to alternate their life, I assume that is great. I additionally do sense as a feature film, it’d have dragged. So I suppose the movie for this tale, the timeline, the time and the duration-short film was best.

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