Imran’s attempt to weaken army backfired

Maryam Nawaz has claimed that former high minister Imran Khan wanted to carry the military to its knees by way of launching an attack on navy installations on May nine but his plan backfired.He [Imran] had ordered his human beings to set navy installations on fireplace upon his arrest [on May 9], thinking that he could be able to deliver army to its knees, although his plan backfired,” Maryam, the political scion of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) excellent leader Nawaz Sharif, stated on Sunday.

She become addressing a rally in the Shujabad location of Multan.

The PML-N senior vice president, who dedicated a more part of her speech to lambasting the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief, stated today Imran Khan is using YouTube “to attain out to the ones he wanted to convey to their knees, but they’re no longer responding. This is referred to as divine justice.”

Referring to Imran, Maryam stated the mastermind of May nine vandalism changed into hiding in Zaman Park.

“Instead of taking responsibility, Imran is blaming his people. As youth erroneous via him languish in prison, he writes that he is reminiscing approximately the time he spent up north with his youngsters.

“Leaders face lifestyles with braveness; go to jail retaining palms of their daughters,” she delivered in a reference to her father Nawaz Sharif.The guy whose hand built the us of a brick by way of brick—building motorways, expressways and hospitals—did now not ask humans to motel to violence. Those who fought terrorism inside the usa don’t devote terrorism,” the PML-N leader said.

She said Imran Khan as soon as stated that his children were no longer safe in Pakistan. “Asking his youngsters to revel in their lives abroad, Imran Khan gave matches and petrol bombs to Pakistani kids,” she said.

Maryam said Imran Khan in his conceitedness claimed that he would make the PML-N cry and ruin the birthday celebration. Now folks who wanted to make us cry are crying their eyes out, she said.

“Those who desired to break our party are records themselves. The entire last birthday celebration [PTI] can now journey on a Qinchi [a three wheeler],” she stated in a connection with the mass exodus of PTI leaders from the celebration within the wake of a governmental crackdown following the May nine incident.

“Imran is now the president, preferred secretary, leader organizer, spokesperson, election candidate and voter of the PTI. [As] nobody might even vote for him [now],” she stated.

She stated the reason why the PML-N did not disintegrate was that the PML-N is a true birthday celebration, and Nawaz Sharif is the son of the soil. “Imran Khan claimed that he constructed the birthday celebration after a 26-yr struggle however that birthday party could not ultimate for 26 minutes.”

Referring to PTI former secretary standard Jahangir Khan Tareen who helped Imran Khan in establishing his authorities after July 2018 polls by allegedly the usage of his personal aircraft for ferrying lawmakers, Maryam said the plane which as soon as helped construct the PTI become now doing the opposite.

Tareen has currently announced his own party, the Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) which incorporates dozens of politicians who left the PTI after the May 9 riots.

She said the May nine incidents had allowed the human beings to peer the actual enemy and instigator. “And now that bankruptcy is closed. Now we are able to talk about bringing people collectively, compassion and love,” she stated.

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