From calling Priyanka a hypocrite to being invited to Bigg Boss 16: 5 noteworthy claims by Meera

There’s a small clip of veteran megastar Meera that has these days long past viral on social media. In the stated snippet, the actor could be visible claiming how the Italian actor of Netflix hit 365 Days approached her thus far. And how she grew to become him down.

In an interview with The Fame Pakistan, the Nazar actor was asked numerous questions, starting from her invitation to Bigg Boss sixteen to her thoughts on Pakistan’s grandest supplying The Legend of Maula Jatt.Talking about her preferred Hollywood actor, the Baaji megastar shared, “I do not have a selected preferred, but lots of Hollywood actors want thus far me,” she laughed. Meera further brought, “Do that guy, Michele Morrone? He approached me, and DM-ed me on my Instagram so far me. But I were given worried as I even have never dated a guy.”Asked whether or not she’s watched Bilal Lashari’s The Legend of Maula Jatt, Meera said she has. “I’ve watched the movie, sure. The movie was very good, it was very enjoyable. I think I liked Fawad Khan’s individual plenty.” The actor similarly went on to criticise Mahira Khan’s performance in the magnum opus. For the unversed, Meera has often made headlines for calling out the Raees megastar. Meera commented, “But Mahira Khan’s Punjabi accessory became terrible; sorry. I think I could have performed an exceptional job, do not you suspect.”

Meera additionally spoke approximately how she obtained numerous offers from the Indian reality show, Bigg Boss and the UK display, Big Brother. “Yes, I were given offers from Bigg Boss sixteen and Big Brother. But I refused as it’s not my cup of tea. I don’t need to go to reasonably-priced indicates,” she stated.

The Kasak celebrity finally shared her mind approximately Bollywood icon Priyanka Chopra. “I experience Priyanka Chopra is overrated,” Meera commented. She went on to assert, “She became driven into Bollywood by the Indian authorities and lobby but she is a hypocrite. I assignment her to do a scene with me. Let’s see who will do it higher.”Humayun Saeed has become the talk of metropolis for the reason that making his international debut with Netflix’s The Crown, in which he may be seen playing Diana’s love hobby Dr Hasnat Khan. Social media has been abuzz with celebrities and enthusiasts cheering the Meray Paas Tum Ho megastar on for his acting prowess.

Celebs like Momina Mustehsan, Adnan Siddiqui and Mira Sethi have joined the crowd applauding his “herbal” aptitude. Mushtehsan praised Saeed’s “stunning portrayal” of the connection whilst Siddiqui highlighted how the “entire Pakistan is basking” in Saeed’s “glory”.In comparison to the praise, many have also been highlighting the hypocrisy of society because for as soon as, “human beings are not losing their minds” over Saeed’s (a Pakistani actor’s) “steamy scenes” with Elizabeth Debicki – who plays Princess Diana within the display – however might go crazy had a nearby female actor agreed to do the same.

One fan lamented the fact of the gendered discrimination with the aid of sharing, “My best remark of Saeed in The Crown is that whenever Pakistani actresses have kissed onscreen, they’ve been crucified for it but while a Pakistani guy does it, there are absolute crickets. The hypocrisy of our human beings is nauseating.”

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