Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Introduces First-in-the-Nation Bill to Prohibit Use of CBDC

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) will not be coming to Florida any time quickly, if Governor Ron DeSantis gets his way.

In a press release, Governor DeSantis said his goal with the invoice is to “guard Floridians from the Biden management’s weaponization of the economic region through a Central Bank Digital Currency.”

It brought that the law is important to “save you the proliferation of woke ideology into the monetary area.”

The legislation became announced during a public look by using DeSantis on Monday, wherein he stood at the back of a podium with the words “BIG BROTHER’S DIGITAL DOLLAR.”Specifically, the new regulation will limit using a federally issued CBDC, or a CBDC from some other usa, within Florida’s Uniform Commercial Code, the Governor’s office said.

The assertion additionally called on different states to comply with Florida’s instance so one can “fight back against this idea nationwide.” So far, but, no different US states have announced comparable measures designed to defend towards a capability CBDC.

“Surveillance and manage”
In a remark, Governor DeSantis – a popular Republican who is visible as a capability challenger to Donald Trump within the next Presidential election – stated a CBDC is extra about manipulate than it’s miles approximately providing higher financial services:Florida will no longer aspect with financial principal planners; we are able to not undertake policies that threaten non-public financial freedom and safety,” he delivered.

DeSantis has within the past additionally warned about CBDCs. In March last yr, the Governor stated he sees “a whole lot of hazards” with centrally managed virtual currencies as “a person in a government” could “basically be able to close off get entry to to buying positive items.”

While opposed to CBDCs, however, the Governor is visible as seasoned-crypto in standard, having in the past proposed a software that might permit corporations to pay nation expenses using cryptocurrencies.

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